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The second most popular and indeed one of the most beautiful routes up the mountain is the Machame Route. Also known as the Whisky Route, this trail is both longer and slightly more challenging than the Marangu Route. Where accommodation on the Marangu route is in huts, the Machame route offers strictly tents only. The route is better suited to the slightly more adventurous hiker, however rewarding him with a scenic splendor such as not seen on the Marangu route. Provided of its challenge about 80% of hiker makes to the summit of Africa.

How to reach there: Transfer from you hotel and drive from Moshi to Machame gate which takes about 45 minutes passing the Machame village which cultivate bananas and coffee.


Day One: Drive from Moshi to Machame park entrance. From here you trek through the lush forest to Machame Hut (10,000 ft / 3000 m) Camp. You will reach Machame Hut in late afternoon while mist and low clouds dominate the camp. Supper will be served into the mess tent. Already personal tent has been erected - let alone sleeping. Temperature at this camp drops below freezing point with possible frost in the morning.

Day Two: Machame Hut (3000 m) to Shira Hut (3840 m). Breakfast is served early in the mess tent and, weather permits you to view the Western Breach of the Kilimanjaro. After lunch and limited rest you will continue with the trail up to Shira Hut at about 3 840m. The night at this exposed camp is really cold with temperature dropping to zero miner freezing point and full frost in the morning. By now the altitude will have affected most of climbers and sleeping in the tent becomes uncomfortable.

Day Three: Shira Hut (3840 m) to Barranco Hut (3950 m). Now the trail turns east into a semi desert and rocky section where you reach an altitude of about 4600m at Lava Tower. Here also you have a chance to collect fresh water that running off streams supplied by melting snow and ice. It is here you will get a spectacular picture of the Kilimanjaro sunset.

Day Four: Barranco Hut (3950 m) to Karanga Valley Camp (4200 m). The morning starts with a scramble up the almost vertical Barranco Wall to an altitude of about 4 200m. After lunch the climbers are advised to take a rest at this point. Dinner / Overnight.

Day Five: Karanga Valley (4200 m) to Barafu Hut (4600 m). From here there is no water, so take care to stock them for there is no water at Barafu Hut. It is recommended that the climbers must familiarize with the camp before dark because of this camp is situated on an exposed and dangerous ridge.

Day Six: Barafu Hut (4600 m) to Uhuru Peak (5895 m) to Mweka Hut (3100 m). At around midnight you will be awaken to start summit assault north-western direction up the south-east valley towards Stella Point on the Crater rim. It is very cold at this point and the footpath is unclear and steep in places. But careful, slowly you could encounter snow and ice from below Stella Point all the way to Uhuru Peak (5895 m). At this point expect to be rewarded a beautiful African sunrise ever. The spend time on the summit depends on weather conditions. The power of mountain is phenomena. You lose consciousness of your own detached reality and melt into the earth to become part of the universe. Therefore, such experience real enriches your life.

Day Seven: Mweka Hut (3100 m) to Mweka Village (1450 m). A health breakfast will be served before you descend through the rain forest to the park's gate. On arriving at the gate you must enter your particulars again into park's register. For climbers who reached Stella point is issued with green certificates and the one who reached Uhuru peak with gold certificates.

Price: US $ 1550


Prince includes:

2 Transfers from Moshi to Machame Gate- return.

All meals for vegetarian/non-vegetarian.

Accommodation in tents while on a trek.

2 Nights in hotel before and after climb.

Park fees and government levies.

English speaking mountains Guide and assistant guides.

Porters - a minimum of 3 per client.

First Aid Kit including Oxygen Kit.

Camping Equipments including sleeping tents, sleeping mats, dining tent, chairs and table.

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